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Our Audience:

Fashion Mash™ has a broad appeal for modern, internet saavy people who have access to a cellphone camera or other digital camera, and an internet connection. Users take pictures of their clothing and then arrange the individual items into outfits. Outfits can be rated and commented on among friends.

Buy Ad Space:

Download our Media Kit.

We accept payment by PayPal or a bank issued money order. Our rates are (in US dollars):

  • Vertical tower banner space (120 X 600) $100/week
  • Background images are $250/week (These replace the blue space behind the Fashion Mash site with a repeating pattern of an image 300 x 300 pixels.)
  • Having an outfit in the featured outfit cue is $10/week

These prices are estimates and subject to change without notice. For a price quote on your specific promotional need or any additional information, please contact us at