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Newsletter - Sep 15, 2007

Kickstarting Fashion Mash(TM) Closed Beta

Hi everyone! We wanted to thank all of you for helping us kickstart the
Fashion Mash(TM) closed beta over the past two days. Margaret (that's
mezamashii) and I have been buzzing off the walls from the excitement, and
we hope some of you are excited about the site too!

Yesterday we released a few changes inspired by the great feedback we've
already received. A few of these changes are:

* Username Case -- The login and registration process is no longer
case-sensitive when it comes to usernames.

* Thumbnail Size -- The thumbnail size for all items has been increased,
and the background changed. This should make it easier to browse items and
see what's available when creating your outfits.

* Rotation -- When you upload an item, you can now rotate the image 90
degrees at time in either direction. If you have already uploaded items
that need rotation, no problem. Just go to the item detail page by
clicking on the item from your profile or one of the search results, and
click the "Edit Image" link at the bottom. The existing image for the item
will be shown, and you can rotate and then apply and save the changes.

We have lots of improvements on the horizon as well; too many to list, of
course! However, a few of the highlights are:

* Notifications -- Notifications and RSS feeds of events and "goings on"
at the site, such as new messages, new items, and new outfits.

* News -- We will be streamlining the process of disseminating information
to all of our users, via news posts and other online updates.

* Invites -- We plan to allow users to begin inviting their friends to the
beta within a few weeks. So start working on that online wardrobe so you
can show-off all of your cool stuff!

More of our future plans can also be seen on our help page at

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