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Designers at Fashion Mash

What is this special DESIGNER account thing at Fashion Mash all about?

It is permissions added to a regular account to give you free advertising about your products. For you search engine optimizers, it can also help raise your online store's google rank with if you set internal links to your site on your items.

As a Fashion Mash Designer you upload pictures of your products for Fashion Mash users to experiment with. On each item you set links back to your online store. When users put those items in their outfits, a BUY link appears.

Get the word out to people interested in your stuff!

How do I apply to be a Fashion Mash Designer?

    1. Sign up for a REGULAR account. It won't have the designer features yet.
  1. 2. Send us the link of your online STORE so that we can verify that you are a designer. (Please don't assume I will recognize your name from Myspace.)

Don't have an online store yet? is a good place to get started.

We ask that you only upload items that you own. Due to copyright, we do not accept Amazon Affiliate Stores since those images belong to someone else.

Store Link

Once you've been approved as a designer, in your profile, you can type in your Store Link and then click on "Update Link."

Item Purchase Link

If you've already uploaded items,
Go to each individual item and set a link to that item in your store in the Item Purchase field and then click on "Update Link."

If you haven't uploaded items,
at the top of your screen, click on "Upload an Item." Once you have the item uploaded to your liking and have saved it, then you can set the Item Purchase Link.

Spread the Word with Outfits

Once you have some uploaded items with store links on them, make some outfits! At the top of your screen, click on "Create an Outfit." If the items you use for the outfit have store links, a red BUY will show up when you view your outfit at our site.

Featured Outfits

Want more people to see your outfit? You can buy time in our Featured Outfits cue which rotates the Featured Outfit each time the page reloads. See our Advertise page for details.