Ice Princess


Accessorize your life.

Organize your Outfits!



Planned Features

General Site

  • A comprehensive, wiki-based help system that will allow community members to contribute tutorials, how-tos, and other useful tidbits.
  • Screencasts of the common things to do on the site to help guide new users through the process.
  • A comprehensive bug and issue tracking system.
  • The ability to search the site for both general text terms and specific user, item, and outfit criteria.
  • Outfit and item recommendations based on your personal preferences and ratings of content on the site.
  • Provide "Web 2.0" style form controls to simplify editing tags, outfit/item names, the "about me" box, etc.
  • Improved styling and graphical look of the forms and buttons on the site.
  • Additional profile fields -- links to other networks, homepage, etc.
  • Add the ability to post about an item or outfit to someone other than the owner of that item/outfit.
  • OpenID (consumer) support.
  • Indie Designer support through links to online stores.
  • Weekly and/or Monthly Outfit planner


Item Uploading

  • Additional clipping tools that will allow you to create more complex transparency shapes, including inner-cutouts and circle/oval tools.
  • A blur/censor-bar tool that will allow you to easily remove unwanted information (personally identifying items, inappropriate content) from your uploaded images.
  • It would be handy if you could zoom on the image while tracing it for clipping.


Outfit Creation

  • The ability to add items more than once, so you can reuse the bling on your outfit.
  • Text, fonts, and labels that will allow you to further customize your outfit images.
  • Adding a "remove item" tool to the toolbar to complement the little "X" in the item list that currently allows you to remove an item from an outfit.
  • Put in checks when leaving the editor to make sure you know you're going to lose your current work. Later, add timed saves of the outfit so it remembers what you were doing when you come back to it.


Third Party

  • Facebook application to display your outfits and solicit feedback.
  • Yahoo and Google homepage plugins.